Frinton alarm systems Ltd- Intruder alarm systemsProtecting your family, your home / business

We will design a system personal to your needs. Most installations are wireless, the installation is quick, mess-free and wire-free. If it’s a wired system you prefer then these can easily be installed by our trained and tidy engineers.

Understanding an Intruder Alarm

Systems will consist of a control panel centrally located. Sensors will be mounted discreetly in the corners of the ground floor rooms and first floor (optional). The external sounder will be in a prominent position on the outside front wall. The built in light emitting diode will flash discreetly at night so to be seen by possible intruders. In the event of alarm activation this will both sound and flash.

Turning the alarm on and off cannot be any simpler than with a small hand-held key-fob, it has an on/off button for your entire home and a night time set (allowing you to be in the house with the ground floor set). It also has a built in double- button panic alarm. Additional sensors/devices can be added to your system depending on your needs or budget. A certificate will be issued with all installations. All work carried out will be to the current British and European standards.

Using the right equipment

We currently use Visonic’s professional Power G range for all wireless installations. They are extremely reliable and very user friendly.

Peace of mind with a 24 Hr Police-Monitored System

Installing an audible system will certainly deter a potential intruder. However, an alarm bell no longer attracts the attention it once commanded. The speed of response to a break-in or similar incident can make the difference between preventing crime and being a victim of it. If a monitored alarm system is activated, within a split second it reports to Southern Monitoring and transmits details of the time, location and type of alert. The trained operator can then easily identify the problem, thus filtering unwanted aborted signals; or signalling instant Police response.

Protecting your Business

Security systems are an essential resource you invest in and it repays your investment by safeguarding your assets, staff and helping to protect your profits. We understand that every business is different; we will design a security system personal to you and your insurer’s requirements. If it's a wired system you or your insurer prefer then this can easily be installed by our trained and tidy engineers. All levels of insurance installations can be carried out from grades 1-4, wireless or hardwired. Additional forms of security can also be carried out professionally including: CCTV, fire alarms and door entry systems.

If you already have a residential or commercial system and are not happy with your current service we can easily take it over. Call and speak to one of our experienced members of staff.

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